Allan Michael fell in love with photography in 1978, when for the first time he saw the images he had shot earlier in Central Park, NYC come alive in the darkroom. From then on he felt a new excitement and composure that thrilled him as he used his eyes to see meaning in the world around him. This passion for photography grew when in 1981, he was so fortunate to study in the Honoring Eye class taught at Aesthetic Realism Foundation in New York City, by the American photographer Nancy Starrels. In this class people learned this mighty principle of Aesthetic Realism, stated by its founder Eli Siegel: “The world, art, and self explain each other: each is the aesthetic oneness of opposites.” Learning this changed his life as artist and person.

Allan Michael’s work has been exhibited at the Terrain Gallery, NYC; the Firehouse Gallery, and the Craven Gallery’s “Emerging African-American Artists” in Martha’s Vineyard. He was a member of the OIA (Organization of Independent Artists). His work was part of the traveling art exhibition, around the country visiting progressive colleges and universities, entitled, “Art Against Apartheid”. His fashion work has appeared in newspapers and trade magazines. He has also done editorial work for Essence Magazine.

Mr. Michael is an Aesthetic Realism associate and studies in classes taught by Ellen Reiss, the Chairman of Education. He continues his study of art and photography in the monthly “Critical Inquiry” Workshop taught by painter and art critic, Dorothy Koppelman at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation. []

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